Friday, June 20, 2003

It's friday, well into summer again. I'm leafing through Mark Currie's" Postmodern Narrative Theory" again, enjoying my own post bfa stupor and trying to do something academic, at least slightly. Yoey and I are about to leave for SF, and shop around, perhaps thrifting in mission....... Love you!- David

Sunday, June 01, 2003

Today i bought a Felt record and Evan Dando as well. Hmmmm, hung out in berkeley for a bit, possibly going out again tonight(yuck) or maybe recording some new songs..... or watching futurama(yay!) . wow, so both records get an A+.
THis weekend job is in town, so i am basically going wherever he goes, which is kind of fun, since we have opposite social habits. We went to el rio, but left right away, erin and julie stayed. Then to the Arrow for a bit, then to a party in the haight. It was a super bizzare hipster party with hair for miles..... but I had a good time outside the party, and its always fun to see job mingle or whatever. Erin and job ended up crashing at my place. It was a fun wierd night, but thankfully not a regular occurance.

Monday, May 26, 2003

summertime! now what? bought button car cloth, wolf eyes, and acid mothres temple today. Ran into xtopher and naoki in SF. Also ran into fumi and her friend davis, who was a really nice guy. A nice day for assuming I was going out on my own... Going to see cremaster 3 tommorow at the castro, hopefully, and finish cleaning my room. Amanda gets back friday, yay! Joby will be here soon too. so much excitement!

Monday, March 24, 2003

psychic geography-explorations of urban landscape/effect on behavior

introduce image into situation/physical objects/architecture

architectural intervention/installation and imagery (post studio folk art)

object construction-electronic functionalism. sound pixels= ambient+ clicks.

tent, nintendo, sound pixels all can be performed as instruments. tent has guitar samples(all same length), pixel uses push button tones. implanted with halogen bulbl ledw/ random rgb config, nintendo sampled and warped. (sample, select, then run through tone sequence{preset} with delay bangs.and preset box.

1-game player
2-pixel player
3-tent player
4-sample mangler

Friday, January 31, 2003

cycling74 boards
fvp boards
the Face

Thursday, January 30, 2003,3604,884294,00.html

Gunter Grass gives us an excellent view on the bush war, must read!!!!

Monday, January 20, 2003

monday-mlk day

two days after the protest in SF and not a single word. THe big news is the Raiders. What is happening? The image takes precedence over reality in many ways this time and i feel that it has stood atop the mountain. In a time of real seriousness we are presented a fantasy, recreated and reinforced to produce itself. All I have are questions at this moment, where does it go? I am caught up in it and simultaniously demanding exile from it. As these question present themselves, who is even aksing them now? How can we restructure what is presented in a way that is not self referential, or is it nessecary to create a misinformation loop before we can progress. How does one push forward in a way that creates a change that does not reference its conditions? And without ignoring them?